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Ezovion appointment solution is exclusive for doctors, sales executives, and tech support. 

Improve your time management with our easy to use, cloud-based face-to-face or video call appointment management solution for appointment booking, managing, tracking for informed meeting.


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Equipping Stakeholders With New-Age Healthcare

We understand the changing healthcare paradigm and build healthcare solutions that deliver impact- Solutions that bring a change and equip stakeholders to stay relevant in a fast-paced healthcare world. With a simple vision to build a full-fledged ecosystem- we’re connecting the dots to elevate healthcare experiences and make them meaningful.

Healthcare IT Solutions

In a crowded space of HMS solutions, we create next-gen Intelligent healthcare that makes the life of healthcare providers simpler and makes care-delivery for patients better. With deep-integration capabilities and cutting-edge AI/ML intelligence running in the veins of our HMS- we’re always striving to keep healthcare at the leading edge for stakeholders.


We understand the need of providing a complete healthcare loop. After an extensive gap analysis of HMS, we built an extended ecosystem that monitors, tracks and alerts shortage of inventories in HMS and purchases it from the extended marketplace.

Ezovion Research Lab

Pandemic is the winds of change that accelerated the need for healthcare innovation- and we are embracing it. Ezovion is joining hands with Reputed universities and private incubators on deep-rooted research to understand the state of healthcare AI/ML and other innovative technologies today. We’re collaborating with the best minds, strategists, tech executors to bring ingenious ideas to life.

Digital Marketing Services

As healthcare IT progresses, so is the demand for digital marketing. With our extensive integration capabilities, we derive, connect and leverage cross-functional insights from different systems, apply intelligence and get to your goals faster. Whether it’s building and maintaining online reputation, patient retention/engagement or lead generation- we make it happen.

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